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The Indian subcontinent is blessed with a unique topography. The south is surrounded by the Bay of Bengal, the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea on all three sides. This places it in the unique position of being able to offer some excellent locations for all kinds of water sports, as well as stunning views of marine life and coral reefs. Scuba diving and snorkeling are two of the best-loved water adventure activities, specially off the coasts of the archipelago of the Andaman and Nicobar and the Lakshadweep, where the underwater scenery and coral reefs are undeniably one of the best in the world. Indias nScuba Diving umerous natural as well as man-made lakes provide ideal opportunities for water lovers to have an exciting time on paddleboats, water scooters, speedboats and hovercrafts, as well as enjoy the beautiful surroundings. For those who are more interested in quieter sports are the adventures of angling and fishing in pristine and peaceful riverside sites that abound in India!

For the northern boundary of the Indian subcontinent is bound by the towering snow clad Himalayan range that provides thrilling ski trails as well as expedition routes. The glaciers offer beautiful and pristine locales, which are thankfully tucked away from the pollution and teeming crowds of the urban areas. The unblemished and pure snowy carpets are a delight to every eye and provide magnificent views of the surrounding peaks of the Himalayas. Adventure seekers can hand-glide their way across treetops and unexplored terrains, and feel the wind coursing through their hair or they can go up in a hot air balloon and gain an aerial view of areas that are inaccessible by road.

The wildlife buffs also have plenty of opportunities to go camping in the wilds of India. Wildlife safaris and wildlife adventure camps are exciting holiday options full of lion and tiger sightings, elephant back riding, camping under the stars. Youll feel your heart beat rise as you catch a glimpse of a cheetah or tiger prowling in the under growth, and the anticipation and terror of meeting a lion face to face will be your companion through out! Camel safaris in the desert are hardy experiences that are bound to thrill even the toughest adventure buff. Moving with the rhythm of your camel you will feel like a nomad responding to the inner urges of your soul to roam the breadth of the desert, you first love and only home. The mobile machan still remains the most popular means of transportation on the sun soaked sand. The desert and the camel safaris are excellent ways to get the first hand experience of the rural lifestyles in the royal state of India for an adventurous holiday.

Biking and motorcycling in the mountains are the two other adventure activities that will need you to be in perfect physical condition, for the travel can be weary and hard, even though the sights absolutely breathtaking. The entire adventure is exhilarating and will give you a tremendous sense of achievement! whichever the adventure activity you finally decide upon, incomparable India is sure to have it for you! The highest of the mountains and the bluest of the seas are just waiting for you to take a trip to this enthralling adventure country!


India is an angler's paradise. This sport has existed from the days of British Raj, Anglingthough not as popular as it is around the world, is gathering momentum very fast. The wide variety of fishes, innumerable fresh water streams and beautiful countryside as backdrop provide a perfect ambience to attract tourist for Angling. Angling in India can be conveniently classified into:

Mahseer (Barbus Tor) fishing: The Barbus Tor, popularly called the Mahseer or the Tiger of the Indian Rivers, is one of the largest freshwater fish and one of the greatest fighting fish in the world. It is natural to Indian lakes and streams and can attain sizes upto 5.5 ft and weigh over 50 kgs. Mahseer is generally found in the rivers of the Terai regions of the Himalayas, the Shivalik Hills in the north, and the river Kaveri in the south, where it has been fished for successfully with rod and line. The areas where angling for Mahseer can be profitably pursued:

River Beas (Himachal Pradesh and Punjab): Best period is February -May and September -November.

River Jhelum (J&K): Best period is May-June and September-October.

River Ganga: Stretch above Tehri (10 km)

Gangalehri: Connected by a motorable track off the main Haridwar-Rishikesh Road. Best period is September-November and February-May.

River Bhoroli (Arunachal): The river is fished between Tipee and Bhalukpong as it flows through the Balipara reserved forest.

River Manas (Assam): Best period is October-April. Note: Foreign Nationals require restricted area permits from the Ministry of Home Affairs to visit this area.

River Kaveri (Karnataka): Best period is November-March.

Sea FishingTrout fishing: Unlike the Mahseer, the Trout is not indigenous to Indian waters. The Snow Trout is however fond in all high altitude streams and lakes. It was introduced into various predetermined lakes and river in various parts of the country. Trout hatcheries are in operation in the Kashmir valley, Kullu valley. Agoda near Uttrakashi and Avalanche in the Nilgiris. The Snow Trout is however, touch in all high altitude streams and lakes.

Majot Trout Waters in Kashmir: River Sindh, River Lidder, River Bringhi, Kokemag Verinag, High Altitude Lakes.

Sea fishing: Sea fishing as a sport has not bet been well developed in India. But there is a good variety of game fish off the coasts of India like Baracuda, Mullet, Perch, Tuna, Marlin, Blue Marlin, Sail Fish and Sear. So the enterprising angler can put together a rewarding and memorable trip in some very exotic regions of India.

Best Season for Fishing : September to November and from mid February to mid-May Para Gliding


Be it Ballooning, hang gliding or Para gliding, India offers excellent locations and facilities at Kangra, Dasauli, Dharmasala, Shimla, Pune, Indore, Mysore, Udhagamandalam and Shilong. Except for the monsoon season, Para gliding and hang gliding are safe through out the year.

Mountaineering, Trekking and Rock Climbing

The main attraction of the summer months in the Himalayan states is trekking and mountain climbing. Trekkers, without any prior experience, can easily manage the altitudes the range from 2500 to 4000 meters above sea level in the hilly areas of Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Sikkim. In Ladakh, the Nun Kun Massif, The Zanskar group, The central Himalayas, Arunachal Pradesh, Nanda devi, Kamet and Dunagiri offer challenging peaks for mountaineering.

SAFARISElephant Trekking

The Indian Himalayas is prime Safari in India, be it on a jeep, a bike, cycle or an elephant!! And can well be described as one of the last travel frontiers on earth!


Winter sports in India are centered around Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh and Himachal Pradesh. Skiing usually starts by the end of DECEMBER and lasts till the end of MARCH. Gulmarg in Kashmir, Auli in Uttar Pradesh and Manali in Himachal Pradesh provide good snow ski slopes. Heli skiing in Manali and Gulmarg provides an enormous varieties of ski runs and routes.


India's coastal states are good for water sports during OCTOBER and MARCH. Goa is blend d serenity and excitement down a 10km coastline studded with some of the world's most beautiful beaches. Lakshadweep offers excellent wind surfing, Snorkeling and Scuba diving in the crystal clear waters of the lagoons which surround each island.

Best season for River Rafting: APRIL to SEPTEMBER.


Ganges: The Ganga, especially, is the river of India, beloved of her people, round which are intertwined her memories, her hopes and fears, her songs of triumph, her victories and her defeats. She has been a symbol of India's age-long culture and civilization, ever changing, ever flowing, and yet ever the same Ganga.

Alaknanda: Rudraprayag, the confluence of the majestic Alaknanda and the pellucid Mandakini, has its origins in one of the legends associated with Lord Shiva. Invoke the lord's blessings with a 'jay bam bhole' and Heidi ho! Off you go on this exciting 135 Km river rafting tour, a river rafting tour that you have never had and never will.

Bhagirathi: The mighty Bhagirathi has its origin at Gaumukh, where it emanates from the Gangotri glacier. It flows for approximately 300 kms from the source through breathtaking scenery to reach Deoprayag, where it is joined by the river Alaknanda to form Ganges, the mightiest and holiest of all rivers in India.

River RaftingTons: For the uninitiated - the River Tons is the largest tributary of the River Yamuna, and unlike the Yamuna it is teeming with life and its eternal freshness. The water, so clear that it seems right of the mountains, its flow through this scenic terrain makes you feel a part of its timelessness.

Best Season: May - July (depending upon the condition of the river).

Kali: The Kali River drains some of the world's tallest mountains, and carries with it the melting snow of the majestic Himalayas on a relentless rush to the sea. For part of its course, in its upper reaches, the Kali forms the international border between India and Nepal. A self-contained river journey down this river is one of the prime options in this part of the Himalaya.

Best Season: October - April

We provide exciting adventure tour packages that combine travel in India with the adventure sport or adventure activity of your choice. Be it going on a rafting expedition down the mighty Indian rivers, or fishing and angling in the beautiful calm of the lower reaches of the Himalayas, we are sure to have a holiday package adventure tour that will be perfect for you in every way.

Customized packages are available on request based on
Individual needs/Budget/Interest and Time duration....

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